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Editorial | Vol. 5 - EVR -323

May 17, 2024

Scientists Discover: How Lamisil Makes Your Nail Fungus Infection & Symptons 7 Times Worse

According to researchers, common nail fungus treatments contain 2 toxic compounds that travel through the body, creating fungus mutations, making the infection and symptoms 7X worse.



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Video Summary

Incredible breakthrough discovery from MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge University in treating toenail fungus.

They found that when fungus enters your body the fungus simply mutates and became stronger.

Which means fungus already knows how to beat the big screen, the Clotrimazole the tea tree oil or whatever else didn't manage to kill it off.

The fungus enters your bloodstream and causes a widespread infection. 

Leading to ugly, yellow, or cracked nails… strong, sour smells, flaky, peeling skin… itching and burning pain.

What’s worse – it could even lead to bone infection, fungal tumors, blindness, and brain diseases!

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to undo the damage and fight against the fungus infection.

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